Sunday, October 2, 2011

Buying the iPad 2: I did it!

My colleague Dave read my previous post lamenting the inability to directly download and edit photos on the iPad. He told me about some existing workarounds.  Consequently, I now have my own iPad with an adaptor for my camera connection ($29!) and PS Express, a free photo editing ap from Adobe.  

Once again I tested the iPad on a trip, my mini-vacation to visit  Portland friends LeeAnn and Ellen.  Here's the scoop.

Photos:  Not wanting to take any goofy photos this time around, I didn't use the iPad's Photo Booth or camera.  Used my little Canon PowerShot and the iPad adaptor to download.   Worked perfectly. 

PS Express relies on hand/finger coordination as you activate most of the functions by tapping across the screen.  I found myself homesick for the finer gradations of change in iPhoto, my former on-the-road photo editor.  

Reading:  Finished Ulysses on the plane flight home;  I love reading, highlighting, bookmarking on the iPad.  (Got some funny results when I used the iPad reader's dictionary on Joyce's words!)

Also downloaded other free titles for my bookgroup, including Heart of Darkness and Women in Love.  Makes comparison a snap.   Interesting that when I got home, I finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks in hard copy even though I had it on the iPad as well. 

Fun in Portland and Dundee Hills  A trip highlight was joining the crowd to see ten thousand-plus Vaux's Swifts spiral into the tall chimney at Chapman School.  Breathtaking!  Particularly when a young Peregrine falcon swooped repeatedly through the vortex to pick out some dessert.

Red Soil from the Lange Estate Vinyards
LeeAnn and I did a day trip to the red volcanic soil wineries of Dundee Hills to sample Pinot Noir and olive oil at  Red Ridge Farms, Lange Estate, Domaine Serene, and others.  My favorite Pinot:  Sokol Blosser 2008.  

Lange Estate Grapes & Red Soil

Our server at Domaine Serene told us all about the Ice Age Floods which had a profound affect on soils and topography of the Colombia basin and Willamette Valley.  Floodwaters hundreds of feet deep deposited huge "erratics" around the Valley.  Would you think I am too weird if I tell you I'm joining the IAFI?

Red Ridge Farms
 The friendliest folks were at Red Ridge Farms where the garden paths were lined with hazelnut shells.   We were also treated extremely well by the maitre d' at Farm to Fork where we were looking for directions and received free latte and coffee. 

Olives, Red Ridge Farms

Red Ridge is also the home of olive groves.   Not a mediterranean climate and my best wishes to them!

Portland was hot and sunny on Friday so a visit to the Japanese Garden was wonderfully cooling.  I had a great trip, using my iPad for reading, searching for winery and restaurant locations,  learning more about Ice Age Floods & Vaux's swifts, and for viewing my photos.  Thank you for your company along the way! 

Portland, Japanese Garden

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