Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

It's spring break and yesterday we had two important meetings.  Aren't we supposed to be recharging, revising, reviewing, and taking a few relaxed breaths in preparation for the rest of the academic year?  
No meetings during spring break!
I love SB: the campus is empty and so is the library.  There's time to yak a bit with colleagues, to get to the bottom of those piles of paper from the first week of the semester, and to think about what's going right and what needs a tune-up.  

I baked a sockerkaka this everning (Swedish cake) to create a celebratory mood tomorrow and to thank S. for all the wonderful Meyer lemons she has brought in for me.  My mom's recipe doesn't call for lemon flavor, but I started adding it last year and the zing level went up ten notches.  Do you think I should taste a slice tonight, just to make sure it's OK?

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