Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fall and Winter 2006

Fall semester was busy with lots of instruction. Good to re-acquaint myself with the Biology dept again...old friends and (the mark of a true librarian) a wonderful database, Biological Abstracts. I remember when it was in paper, that rotated index in the back that no one wanted to use. As a matter of fact, I remember using it as an undergrad....rather, trying to use it and leaving the SF State Library in frustration. Never dreamed in 1968 that I would work in libraries! My occupational goal was to hike in the son Emil has realized my dream, see his friend Leslie's blog about a day in the life of a forester
My OT class was great this year. Students inOT are wonderful folks, working to bring occupational equity to all kinds of people. I required a telephone consultation this time...spent at least one hour on the phone with each student and really got to know them better. Online courses are convenient for a lot of reasons but I miss the one-to-one time.
I will be on sabbatical during Spring semester and will keep up with SJSU Library through this blogging thingie.


Virtual Services Team said...

Congratulations on setting up the blog and the sabbatical. Happy Trails. Virtual Services Team -- Sue

Happy Adventurer II said...

Hello, This is Lesley! I'm really glad you enjoyed my blog. I had a wonderful time going out into the field with Emil. Why don't I have a picture of myself up? I guess it might be because I like to leave the reader with a sense that they are experiencing it themselves but mainly, I never like how I look in photographs! :)

Anyway, happy blogging!

Happy Adventurer II

bear said...

Tina: liked your first gave me an idea of who you are that I had not seen before...I loved Leslie's description of her day in the woods. It has been a wonderful (sometimes rocky) trail this fall and more to come.


LaSeal Djonz said...

Good set-up. Interesting to read about Emil's work. Lesley takes some great pictures.